Smart and Foldable: King Smith Fitness Unveils Home Fitness Equipment Breakthroughs at CES 2023

Ushering in an exciting new year, King Smith Fitness, creator of the WalkingPad® and an intelligent home fitness equipment pioneer, today announced a slew of smart and foldable fitness equipment innovations designed to help users fall more easily in love with home workouts and to stay fit and healthy. These breakthrough products include the world’s first double fold treadmill, the industry’s most compact water rower, a lightweight and space-saving strength training solution, and two WalkingPads, the first with side handrails, and another first with 300 lbs. capacity.

King Smith Fitness will also showcase and demonstrate its WalkingPad X21 Double Fold Treadmill at the January 4th Pepcom event and will unveil four other products at CES Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 2, Sports Tech section, booth #54400: the King Smith WR1 Foldable Water Rower, lightweight strength training King Smith GYM BOX, the WalkingPad G1 with handrails, and the heavy duty WalkingPad MX16.

The pandemic has led to more people working out from home, and as a result, the skyrocketing growth of the U.S. home fitness equipment market. For 2024, the US Fitness Equipment industry's projected value is $4.4 billion, with 50% of that revenue coming from home users. (RunRepeat). What’s more, according to the National Apartment Association, almost 39 million Americans live in apartments, who favor space-saving equipment. More teenagers and young adults live at home and families, even in single family homes, want space. Foldable fitness equipment is becoming increasingly attractive to households for space-saving reasons.

“Rising trends have set up the US home fitness market for significant growth. With our recent launch in the U.S, we’re thrilled to showcase our innovative foldable fitness products at the bellwether electronics show of the year,” said Albert Jing, founder and CEO, King Smith Fitness. “Regardless of where our customers are in their fitness journey, we are here to champion and support them to reach their goals.”

Trailblazing Products on Display

  • WalkingPad X21 – First Double Fold Treadmill (On display at Pepcom)
    Designed for those living in tight quarters, the WalkingPad X21 is the only treadmill that double folds into an ultra-flattened shape: the track folds 180 degrees and then nests under the handle. When completely folded, the deck sits at a 90-degree angle under the uprights and console. This feature takes the length of the X21 from 55.9” to only 8.9” long so it can fit underneath a bed or in a closet.

    The treadmill’s handle has an integrated LED display so you can see workout metrics like time, speed, distance, and calories. With a maximum speed of 7.4mph, the X21 allows running at a roughly 8-minute-mile pace. A KS Fit app tracks workouts and allows users to change speed. Its brushless motor is quiet, so workouts won’t disturb neighbors.
  • King Smith WR1 – Compact Water Rower
    With its unique tri-fold ability, the King Smith WR1 is the industry’s most compact water rower. When folded, it can be stored as a cube box measuring just 3.76 sq. ft which means it will take up 2/3 less floor space than a conventional rower.

    While lightweight and portable, the WR1 is a full-body exercise machine that offers incredible stimulation to the major muscle groups of the body. It builds upper body muscles much better than cardio workouts like running, cycling, etc. The King Smith WR1 offers all the benefits of a modern water rower while occupying less space in your home or office.
  • King Smith GYM BOX – Space-saving Strength Training Station
    The King Smith GYM BOX revolutionizes strength training by offering a space-saving home solution. Most gym boxes are quite large, but not the King Smith, which measures just 31.5 inches x 31.5 inches and only 3.15 inches thick.

    Thanks to its use of electromagnetic technology, GYM BOX takes all the guesswork out of strength training by determining your resistance for every exercise and increasing it as you grow stronger. With this strength training station, users can exercise any muscle in the body by pushing, pulling, rotating and more.
  • WalkingPad G1 – with Side Handrails
    With its renowned foldable design, the WalkingPad G1 is the first WalkingPad to have unibody side handrails which lets users jog, run, and walk comfortably without fear of tumbling sideways during workouts. This WalkingPad is ideal for users of all ages, but especially seniors since a treadmill with handles lets you exercise safely and makes workouts more effective. It also features a screen and a knob on the handrail, allowing users to control the machine without using a remote control.
  • WalkingPad MX16 - for Heavier Individuals
    Another in the line of foldable WalkingPads, the MX16 is the first one featuring a load capacity of 300lbs. and a maximum speed of 10mph. Since it is specially designed for heavier individuals, its tread is not only more spacious but also wide enough to accommodate you while you work out. The tread belt width measures 20 inches.

    This treadmill features a powerful 2 horsepower motor allowing users to attain more speed and intensity during the workout.

King Smith Fitness recently launched in the U.S with offices in Dallas, TX. The company also announced that its WalkingPad® brand will now be carried at Lowe’s and Walmart, making King Smith Fitness equipment available to consumers at two of the largest retailers in the US.

Visit King Smith Fitness at CES 2023

King Smith Fitness will be showcasing its latest innovations in intelligent fitness equipment during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Booth #54400 from January 5 to 8, 2023. The company will also exhibit at Pepcom on January 4, from 5pm to 8pm at the Caesers Palace. Interested partners and customers are encouraged to schedule a meeting in advance by emailing T

About King Smith Fitness

Founded in 2015, King Smith Fitness, creator of the WalkingPad® and an intelligent home fitness equipment pioneer, provides smart, well-designed, and functional home exercise equipment that is accessible to everyone. King Smith’s flagship brand, the WalkingPad, is revolutionizing the home fitness market with the world’s first “walking machines” made with innovative folding designs, multi-sensors, and auto-speed control technology. Their compact, sleek, quiet, and easy-to-store features have received rave customer reviews. King Smith Fitness products are sold direct to consumer online and through retail partners such as Amazon, Lowe’s, and Walmart throughout North America and in 70+ countries with more than 1 million units sold in 2021. The company’s products have also won various design awards including Red Dot Award, IF Award, and GOOD DESIGN Award. King Smith has offices across North America, EMEA, and APAC.

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