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Neakasa M1: Open-Top Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Neakasa M1: Open-Top Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Open-Top Design| 11.23L Trash Bin| 7.17L Litter Capacity| Odor-Free Waste Disposal| Super Easy Clean

Traditional cat litter boxes and side-opening self-cleaning options available in the market often come with a host of common problems. These include overpowering and unpleasant odors that infiltrate your home and safety concerns stemming from smaller side openings, which can be particularly hazardous for larger feline companions. 

Introducing Neakasa M1, the revolutionary cat care solution! With its open-top design and 11.23L trash bin, enjoy 2 litter-free weeks. The "Pull & Wrap" waste solution ensures a  hassle-free 3-second waste disposal. Say goodbye to frequent cleaning and strong odors, and embrace feline comfort and cleanliness with Neakasa M1.

Get ready for the exciting review video from Home Reviews, a popular YouTube channel that specializes in reviewing cat litter boxes from different brands. In this video, the YouTuber demonstrates the installation process of the M1 within the first 3 minutes. Following that, his 4 cats display immense interest in the M1, promptly using it for their needs. The video also showcases how waste is efficiently cleaned from the litter box at around the 7:00-minute mark. The YouTuber was thoroughly impressed and confidently declared the M1 as the best litter box he has ever tested!

Let’s see an unboxing review video and how mmeowmmia's lovely cats, Mia & Jerrie, react to the M1. They pretty much stopped going into their old litter boxes. (Safety test included!)
Here comes a review video from Rebecca Brand, offering a thorough introduction of our product in her video!
As part of our launch group, we've carefully selected members interested in Neakasa M1 to become our Beta Testers. They've already received their units and are excitedly sharing unboxing content within our community. Stay tuned for their detailed functionality testing videos in the coming days.
M1's spacious 17” opening ensure easy adaptation for cats of all sizes, even for skittish kitties (>2.2 lbs), ensuring quick adaptation. It also allows you to clearly monitor your cats' toilet habits due to the roomy design. The open top maintains a clean interior, preventing remaining waste from sticking to your cats, and provides a comfortable environment for them.

The M1 is equipped with 5 pairs of infrared sensors and 4 weight sensors that accurately detect the activity of cats inside or even pressing the lower base. Any cat contact occurring during operation will lead to a pause to ensure cats’ safety. 

It automatically pauses its operation when a cat enters and waits for 15 seconds before resuming the cycle after your cat leaves, prioritizing their well-being and comfort.  

Worried about having cats of different sizes or breeds? M1’s perfect fit for multi-cat households! It accommodates felines of all breeds, ranging from 2.2 lbs to 22 lbs. Our thoughtful special kitten mode prevents automatic cleaning when it senses pregnant cats and kittens weighing less than 1kg (2.2 lbs).  

Don't stress about leaving for a few days. Neakasa M1's ample 11.23L trash bin eliminates the need for daily cleaning. With this capacity, you can confidently go on your travels, knowing your cat's litter box will handle the load for up to 2 weeks. 

With a generous 7.17L litter capacity, Neakasa M1 ensures you won't need to rush to change the litter box when you're on the go. Enjoy the convenience of less frequent refills. 

Neakasa M1 boasts a lower opening height than many other litter boxes. This considerate feature makes filling or refilling the litter box easier on your back and is especially beneficial for individuals with disabilities who may have difficulty lifting items to higher heights. 

Neakasa M1 features a gradual self-cleaning mode that ensures thorough cleanliness. It achieves this by slowly rotating the outer shell of the litter box, allowing the litter and waste to interact fully and form clumps. 

The End Result? Our method ensures efficient cleaning, even with soft or unburied waste. Say goodbye to messes sticking to the walls and hello to a consistently pristine environment for your furry friend. 

Our smart design ensures a seamless, odor-free experience. A quick pull securely wraps the trash bag, leaving no traces or unpleasant smells. Goodbye to visible or lingering odors, and hello to a fresh environment with Neakasa M1. 

Our fully detachable design simplifies cleaning, setting us apart from the competition. Say farewell to lingering odors and challenging cleanup tasks. 

Effortlessly manage your cats' bathroom routines with our app. Monitor up to 3 cats' bathroom habits, track litter levels and learn when to add litter, and remotely control operation modes at your fingertips.  

In addition to its unique large-opening design, the M1 cat litter box offers an affordable price with premium quality, saving on shipping costs. 

Neakasa M1 is available in two color options, Space Gray and White. After selecting the perk, there is an option to choose the color. 

To ensure compatibility in various locations worldwide, we offer 5 different power adapter versions: US, EU, UK, CN, and JP. Rest assured that all accessories are included for your Neakasa M1 experience. The installation process is incredibly simple, requiring the attachment of four support legs for normal usage. 

We conducted the first batch of prototypes in August, followed by the second batch in September. Currently, we're in the trial production phase for the third batch in October, where we have addressed and optimized the issues found in the previous versions. Mass production is scheduled to start in late November, and the products will start shipping to local warehouses in December. 

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