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PawpawPet Max: A Pumpless Fountain, 200 Days between Charges

PawpawPet Max: A Pumpless Fountain, 200 Days between Charges

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10000mAh battery/200-day battery Life/ Pumpless Fountain/ Wireless/3 active modes/Smart bulb/Affordable

Are you tired of pet fountains causing more trouble than convenience? At PawpawPet, we've listened to your concerns and crafted the ultimate solution for your furry friend's hydration needs!

Introducing our PawpawPet Smart Fountain, boasting an innovative pumpless design that revolutionizes pet care. Featuring a unique vacuum water circulation technology, this fountain separates water and electricity, eliminating pump foaming for a safer, more reliable experience. With a remarkable 200-day battery life, it's the ideal wireless solution for hassle-free pet care.

Equipped with an industry-leading 10,000mAh battery, our fountain offers unparalleled flexibility. Place it anywhere without worrying about outlet availability. Enjoy fresh, clean water in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom with a single charge that lasts up to 200 days. Not just a practical pet accessory, our fountain elevates your home decor, effortlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.

Unlike traditional fountains ejecting water through high-speed rotor rotation, our innovative design uses diaphragm vibrations to create a vacuum, lifting water without electrical exposure. This technology ensures low noise, low current, and an easily cleanable water tank—providing a safer, quieter, and more user-friendly experience for your beloved pet.

Cleaning your pet's fountain should be easy, not a chore. Our fountain's vacuum water circulation technology eliminates the need for a water pump in the tank, simplifying water changes and maintenance while ensuring your pet's safety.

With an integrated water bowl and a user-friendly disassembly process, cleaning becomes a breeze in just three simple steps. Plus, the fountain's 1.8-degree inclined water bowl and pulse-jet flushing function ensure a clean water surface, free from hair and debris.

The drinking fountain features a special 1.8-degree inclined water bowl that is designed to remove hair and debris from the water's surface. It also has a pulse-jet flushing function that helps to keep the water clean and fresh. This ensures that your furry child always has access to clean, refreshing water.

We're committed to providing your furry child with the purest water possible. That's why we use six high-efficiency filter materials to remove impurities and contaminants from the water.

  • The ABS filter plastic shell blocks food debris from falling into the water, keeping it clean and sanitary. 
  • The polyester non-woven fabric removes floating hair and debris, making the water even cleaner. 
  • The resin filter softens the water, preventing the formation of scale. 
  • The quartz sand filter reduces the content of suspended solids and pollutants. 
  • The KDF gold filter removes heavy metal pollution. 
  • And the activated carbon removes bad smells.

We're confident that our drinking fountain will provide your furry child with the water they need to stay healthy and hydrated.

In addition to the two-stage filtration system, we've also added a gravity ball filter to further remove hair from the water. This helps to keep your furry child's water clean and safe, and it also ensures that they're getting the highest-quality drinking water possible.

The fountain's large 2.3-liter capacity guarantees your furry friend constant access to fresh water, preventing dehydration even during your absence. Its silent operation and microwave radar sensing technology create an interactive drinking experience without disturbing your peace or your pet's comfort.

Our drinking fountain features a unique water flow deceleration structure and a vacuum water flow that makes it virtually silent. This means that it won't disturb your sleep or your peace of mind, no matter where or when you use it.

The intuitive sensor mode enables easy drinking for your pet, while the intermittent mode offers flow control, catering to pets of all ages and personalities. The simulated spring eye design entices your furry friend to drink more water, promoting their overall health.

The simulated spring eye design makes the water look more natural and inviting, helping your furry child to find the water fountain more easily. This can help to encourage them to drink more water, which is important for their health.

Magnetic connectors make installation a breeze. Simply bring the two parts together and they will snap into place. No need to fumble with plugs or twists. Magnetic connectors are also waterproof, so you can clean your drinking fountain without worrying about damage. They also provide a secure connection that you can depend on.  

Our commitment to improvement is reflected in over 20 units of the T1 version sent for testing, ensuring the finest product for you and your pet.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Bowl Ever!

I know own 3 of these bowls. My cats love them, because they push filtered water out easily. I love them, because I don't have to charge them for weeks at at time. The system starts went it senses motion and shuts off automatically when there is none. It lasts a very long time between charges. I believe my 3 indoor cats and my 1 outdoor cat love the movement of the water because they seem to drink more! Great product and easy to clean!

Xiaomi's crowdfunding products beyond China

Xiaomi has long been known for selling not only smartphones, but also, in some cases, bizarre gadgets and home accessories, such as Segway Gokart/Scooters.

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