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Rux Robot: Fun and Practical Desktop AI Robot, powered by Chat-GPT ( $350 at checkout)

Rux Robot: Fun and Practical Desktop AI Robot, powered by Chat-GPT ( $350 at checkout)

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Elevate Your Daily Routine with Rux Robot: Your Multifunctional AI Companion! Free shipping worldwide!  

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot Specs

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot scenarios
Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot

The next frontier in smart companionship!  More than just a robot, Rux is your intelligent sidekick, designed to revolutionize the way you experience companionship and entertainment. 功能GIF

Rux stands out as the world's first robot with an integrated Android system, unlocking a world of possibilities.  The Android system isn't just a feature;  it's the heartbeat of Rux's brilliance.  With a rich ecosystem of apps, connectivity, and the power of customization, Rux becomes an extension of your lifestyle, bringing unprecedented convenience to your fingertips.

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot multi-function

The open-source nature of Android places Rux at the forefront of innovation, guaranteeing more than just a bot; you receive a bot that's constantly evolving—a fully functional partner. Rux Robot is an Android-based robot compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

With ChatGPT Integration, Rux connects to large language models, transforming into an intuitive voice assistant. Engage in natural, meaningful conversations, making every interaction with Rux a delightful experience. 


Evolving Personalities for a Dynamic Experience. Rux engages in conversations that are more than scripted responses. With BotLife, expect chats that feel natural, dynamic, and uniquely attuned to your preferences. No two Rux Robots are the same. BotLife ensures that each Rux develops a personality as unique as its owner, making every interaction exciting and genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Rux Robot isn't limited to a fixed set of responses. It's a virtual kaleidoscope of expressions and actions, ready to paint your desktop with life. Whether it's delight, curiosity, or pure joy, Rux has a response for every moment. it can walks and explores your desktop environment, bringing a sense of movement and curiosity to your workspace. 

Interact with Rux like never before! Speak to it, gesture, and watch as Rux responds in the most charming and interactive ways. It's not just a robot.

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot impression

Rux's antenna, or "ear," has a magnetic design. If you like 3D printing, you can personalize Rux to different styles. Bring life to your desktop Settings with Rux's own 1600W circular lights!

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot magnet

Rux, it's your canvas for creativity. Gain access to the micro-servo, speakers, antennas etc.;  and interfaces with our Open API.  Why settle for standard when you can tailor Rux's expressions, actions, and sound effects to match your unique style and preferences?   The possibilities are endless – make Rux truly yours.


Rux Home boasts a sleek and futuristic design, resembling a rocket launch station. It serves as an exquisite embellishment for Rux, providing the robot with its own stylish abode. Rux Home easily connects to the charging pad via a USB-C interface, ensuring convenient installation.

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot charge home station

Rux's Android backbone ensures smooth multitasking, whether you're working, playing, or doing both simultaneously.  It's the efficiency you've been waiting for on your desktop.

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot multi task

"I can read your response. You want me to move? Of course!"

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot gesture response

"I roam freely on your desktop and you don't have to worry about me falling down." Hey, what are you doing?"

悬崖 GIF

"I'm powered by the BotLife Personality AI model, and my personality evolves and ADAPTS based on your interactions. Oh, put me down now, I'm dizzy!"

个性化 GIF

"I can play your favorite music, and I love to dance. Watch my moves :)"

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot dancing and singing

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot gaming interaction

Envision this: Rux serves as your desktop smart assistant, catering to your every requirement. Crafted for engaging conversations and interactive entertainment, Rux is designed to bring joy to your day.

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot dancer

Rux extensions encompass more than just functionality; they delve into emotional intelligence. Rux can engage in meaningful conversations, learn from your interactions, and offer personalized experiences tailored to your preferences. Whether it's a post-workday chat or a burst of entertainment, Rux is always there, ready to enhance your moments.

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot video chat

Rux goes beyond the conventional boundaries of entertainment.  With Android's robust capabilities, Rux transforms into a dynamic source of amusement.  From interactive games to multimedia experiences, Rux brings the magic of smart entertainment to your living space.  Your downtime just got a major upgrade!

Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot paly mate


Rux Robot ChatGTP Desktop AI Robot details

Introducing "Le Tian Pai" - a Chinese expression brimming with the essence of "carefree" or innate optimism. Established in August 2022 by Li Ming, the ninth founder of Xiaomi, Rakutenpai is committed to advancing AI+IoT hardware. Our mission is to immerse artificial intelligence technology not only as a problem-solving tool but also as a wellspring of warmth and joy. At Rakuten, we hold the belief that technology enriches convenience while radiating happiness. With Happy School as our product, our goal is to bring joy to people through the seamless integration of innovation and enthusiasm.


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Customer Reviews

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lejeune ou godefroid marc ou angelo

quelque mise a jour et il sera parfait a faire

Daifeng Wang
Great interaction, best AI robot

Been use playing with this robot for 2 months. Absolutely amazed by its overall performance.
Need gpt API to get the 4.0 experience tho.
Fantastic to shoot interesting video with it

Xiaomi's crowdfunding products beyond China

Xiaomi has long been known for selling not only smartphones, but also, in some cases, bizarre gadgets and home accessories, such as Segway Gokart/Scooters.

Until now, all of these products have only been available to Chinese people through their own crowdfunding platform called Xiaomi YouPin. However, Xiaomi also brings these products beyond China through Xiaomi

A platform driven by innovation, bringing your favourite products to life

Innovations Beyond Borders is a completely new cross-border e-commerce platform. Through it, Xiaomi wants to offer users outside the Chinese mainland convenient and cost effective a way to buy ecosystem products that were previously only available in China through the YouPin platform.

In addition to associating a strong Xiaomi community, Xiaomi also serves as test soil for key markets, allowing Xiaomi to learn more about local demand for different types of products.

More than Xiaomi Eco brands

    Xiaomi currently invests and cooperates with more than 100 IoT and lifestyle companies. With more than 500 million connected devices (excluding smartphones and laptops), Xiaomi has the largest IoT platform in the world.

    As it is an official sales channel, the company guarantees all products local support (whether language or functional) as well as service.