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Nitetronic Z6: Meet Non-invasive Anti-snore Pillow

Nitetronic Z6: Meet Non-invasive Anti-snore Pillow

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People spend a third of their lives sleeping, and a restful night of sleep is essential to the body’s recovery from the day’s exhaustion and to help them wake up ready to start anew. 

Unfortunately, many sleeping problems prevent people from getting the rest they need, and among the most common sleep disorders is snoring.

Insufficient or poor-quality sleep could lead to severe health conditions or take a toll on mental health, yet many snore victims struggle to find a remedy.


Johns Hopkins medicine estimated nearly half of the population snore occasionally, while 25% snore regularly—often disrupting their bed partner’s good night's sleep and often theirs.


Many studies show that snoring is caused by partial airway obstruction that leads to soft tissue vibrating. And turning the snorer’s head to the side is the best way to reduce the compression on the airway, which in turn stops snoring.

Common attempts to eliminate the chance of snoring include anti-snoring month-piece, mouth strips, nasal dilators, and electronic stimulators, which are invasive tools that contradict sleeping habits. They could create more discomfort or incur additional damage.

In comparison, the Nitetronic Z6 smart pillow could easily fit into your sleeping routine without bringing in any additional nuisance, while creating a relaxing and peaceful sleeping experience. 

In order to make sure the intervention works no matter where the snorer's head is on the pillow, we put 6 full-size independent airbags from one side to the other. There will be no blind spots for snorers to hide from our anti-snore system!


The other so-called anti-snore pillows on the market are designed by raising the head, closing the upper airway, and causing the snorer to wake up or shaking the snorer to wake up, however, when the snorer falls asleep again the snore will return. This in fact can't make a real difference in stopping snoring.   


This is the reason our non-invasive anti-snore solution stands out in the market! 

Any doubt? check the open box&test below(the test starts at 7:56).



What Nitetronic Z6 offers

The Nitetronic Z6 is equipped with a MEMS sensor, a patented technology, it detects the snoring sounds seconds after they begin.


The non-contact built-in sensor in the pillow can accurately recognize the head position, inflate the air chambers and gently turn the head to the side and stop the snore.


When you push your snoring bed partner to sleep on their side, the snore might only pause for a while until they roll back on their back and the snores return. Being woken up and having to repeat this process multiple times a night is no pleasant task, thus you need a pillow that can work all night! 


Apart from the app setting, Z6 also offers manual control, so you won't get up and reach the phone with strong light for the setting, this is especially user-friendly for elders or non-smartphone users!


Cross-over study report: The head position change is the most effective way to reduce snoring.

After years of research and development, our pillow is the first and only anti-snore pillow on the market with scientific studies and reports. Something you can definitely trust with!


Based on the calculation of the user’s sleeping and snoring data, the app could formulate a scientific, healthy, and targeted sleeping solution for the user, and generate daily and weekly reports to check on the progress.


Snoring and sleeping data could be monitored remotely on the phone as long as the pillow is connected to the mobile app, making it easier to care for family members when one couldn’t physically be there for them.



Made of memory form, the pillow is extra soft and more supportive, providing a clean and healthy sleeping environment. It is especially a boon for elder people.

The Nitetronic could effectively support the shoulders and neck to disperse sleep pressure. The new memory form has good breathability and could absorb moisture, which helps quickly discharge the heat generated by the human body, generating a comfortable sleep experience.  



Preventing snores is something that not only you but also your partner may be concerned about. It cannot get any worse when you are about to fall asleep and then you hear the snores echo in the room, or it can be when you are the one who snores and leaves your partner in despair.

Data shows half of the adults snore occasionally, while more than 25% snore regularly, and that is a nightmare shared by the snorers’ bed partners. 

And long-term bad sleeping experiences can lead to many family conflicts that you what to avoid.



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