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Xiaomi SU7 Officially Launched, Starting at 215,900 Yuan(USD29.900)

On March 28, Xiaomi’s first electric vehicle, the SU7, was officially launched in Beijing, along with its pricing details. The new car comes in two versions: a single-motor variant and a dual-motor variant. The CLTC (China Light-Duty Test Cycle) range for both versions falls between 700 and 810 kilometers, with a starting price of 215,900 yuan.

Model Variants and Features

  • Standard Version (215,900 yuan): The base model offers a range of 700 kilometers and features a spacious interior with smart connectivity. It aims to provide a balanced performance for everyday driving.


  • PRO Long-Range Version (245,900 yuan): The PRO version extends the range to 810 kilometers, making it suitable for longer journeys. It also includes additional features and enhancements.


  • MAX Version (299,900 yuan): The MAX variant achieves an impressive 800 kilometers of range. It combines powerful acceleration with extended battery life, making it a compelling choice for electric car enthusiasts.



    Dimensions and Design

    • The SU7’s dimensions are as follows:

      • Length: 4997 mm
      • Width: 1963 mm
      • Height: 1440 mm
      • Wheelbase: 3000 mm
    • The SU7 adheres to the standards of a C-segment car. However, it competes in the B-segment sedan market, where self-branded automakers have been introducing larger-sized vehicles to challenge lower-level joint venture models.

    Performance and Technology

    1. The four-wheel-drive dual-motor MAX version is equipped with CATL’s ternary lithium battery, operating on an 800V platform. Charging efficiency from 10% to 80% takes just 19 minutes. It boasts a maximum power output of 495 kW and a torque of 383 Nm. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is an impressive 2.78 seconds.
        • The SU7 features advanced driving assistance systems. The high-speed NOA (Navigate on Autopilot) function is available immediately upon delivery, while the city NOA function will be introduced in select Chinese cities later this year. The car runs on the self-developed “Pengpai OS” operating system, enabling seamless interaction across five screens.

        Color Options


        Apart from the previously released Gulf Blue, Olive Green, and Elegant Gray, the SU7 now offers six new colors. These fall into four color series: Sports, Luxury, Fashion, and Classic. The interior also comes in four color options, and customers can choose from four wheel designs in three different sizes.

        Xiaomi’s Commitment to the Automotive Industry

        Xiaomi’s journey into the automotive industry began a decade ago when its founder, Lei Jun, visited Tesla and became one of its earliest owners. Since then, Xiaomi has invested in various automotive companies, including those involved in complete vehicles, batteries, intelligent driving, and components.

        In March 2021, Xiaomi announced its ambitious plan to invest $10 billion in the electric vehicle sector over the next ten years. The company aims to provide a comprehensive smart ecosystem for users, enriching their intelligent lifestyle. With the SU7, Xiaomi aspires to become one of the top five global automakers within 15 to 20 years.

        Lei Jun’s dedication to Xiaomi’s automotive venture is evident. He considers this his final entrepreneurial endeavor, and the success of Xiaomi’s car business will significantly impact the fate of the entire Xiaomi Group.

        While the road to building cars is challenging, Xiaomi’s commitment remains unwavering. The company prioritizes core technology accumulation and aims to create a seamless human-vehicle ecosystem. As the electric vehicle market intensifies, Xiaomi’s SU7 enters the race with determination and innovation.

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