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All in One Automated Home Brewing Machine

All in One Automated Home Brewing Machine

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Elevate your home brewing game with the iGulu F1 5L Home Brewing Machine, a fully automated, cutting-edge all-in-one system that redefines the craft of home brewing. From hop-forward IPAs to rich, robust stouts, refreshing fruit-infused brews, and even your homemade kombucha, this compact machine, acting as your personal Kombucha Brewer, seamlessly facilitates and guides you through the entire brewing process. Designed for beer enthusiasts and master brewers alike, it's your key to unlocking endless brewing possibilities, all with the convenience and satisfaction of crafting your high-quality beers right at home.

For a limited time, Master Mode is free at the point of purchase ($100 Value) and can be activated with the iGulu mobile app. Master Mode enables the freedom to brew using your recipe, ingredients, and brewing process. 

Two Ways to Brew: One-Click with RFID or  Master Mode


Home brewer beginner? With a simple scan of the RFID card included in iGulu's brew kits, a fully automated, predefined brewing process will be initiated, resulting in a high-quality craft beer without requiring experience in brewing expertise.


No Home Brewing Experience Required - Just like brewing your morning coffee.


One-Click Brew - Scan the RFID card, or select your brew from the touch screen menu. Let the system do the rest!


Relax - The fully automated all-in-one system handles the whole process from temperature and pressure control to the cooling stage. 



Total control and customization. Engage Master Mode for complete freedom in creating your recipes and brewing processes. Enjoy full customization of psi, temperature, ingredients, volume, and more!


Craft Your Brew - Personalize Your Unique Blend with Custom Ingredient Selection.


Complete Manual Control of Pressure & Temperature- Tailor psi and temperature for ideal fermentation

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APP Control - Real-Time Monitoring and Adjustment of Fermentation and Cooling Progress

Master the Art of Brewing with the First-of-its-kind Fully Automated Countertop Home Brewer

The iGulu F1 employs advanced sensors to continually monitor the brewing process, enabling precise adjustments to ensure the production of high-quality beverages, including a wide range of craft beers and non-alcoholic drinks like kombucha

Multi-Stage Fermentation
Temperature Control

The F1 Home Brewing Machine is an advanced, all-in-one system that automatically manages fermentation temperature within the range of 35˚- 86˚F (2˚ - 30˚C) and maintains a consistent brewing pressure.

Equipped with PiD technology, this brewing system controls temperature, while cooling and heating dual modules effectively suppress fusel alcohols, ensuring the production of freshly brewed with optimal quality.

Optimizing Brewing - Pressure Control Technology

The iGulu F1 effectively regulates each stage of the brewing process, and ensures consistent, high-quality outcomes by monitoring and adjusting crucial parameters like temperature, pressure, and fermentation stages.

This innovative approach optimizes the brewing process, delivering exceptional, reliable, and repeatable results.

Ensuring Safety - Automatic Pressure Management System 

Should the fermentation pressure inside the tank exceed the set value, the Automatic Pressure Management System will initiate, and thereby adjust to a constant safe fermentation pressure for the duration of the brewing process.


Safety Value for Rapid Pressure Relief


High & Low-Pressure Pop-Up Reminders


Built-In Safety Pipeline for Automatic Pressure Release

Extended Freshness Up To 30 Days

Utilizing a CO2 gas cylinder tank to enhance carbonation, improve mouthfeel, and preserve beer freshness for an extended period


Preserve the brew up to 30 days with  a CO2 cylinder installed.


Consume within 24 hours with the Air Mode  if a CO2 cylinder is unavailable.

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iGulu's Inspirational Journey to Redefine the Home Brewing Experience

iGulu embarked on a dream of making home brewing as easy as brewing morning coffee for everyone at their home countertop. The journey began over 7 years ago in Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and through relentless effort and product development, we have been deeply moved by the support of over 1000 backers worldwide who have believed in us from day one. Today, we take immense pride in fulfilling the promise made more than 7 years ago with a revolutionary advancement in the home brewing community.

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Xiaomi's crowdfunding products beyond China

Xiaomi has long been known for selling not only smartphones, but also, in some cases, bizarre gadgets and home accessories, such as Segway Gokart/Scooters.

Until now, all of these products have only been available to Chinese people through their own crowdfunding platform called Xiaomi YouPin. However, Xiaomi also brings these products beyond China through Xiaomi Crowdfunding.com.

A platform driven by innovation, bringing your favourite products to life

Innovations Beyond Borders

xiaomicrowdfunding.com is a completely new cross-border e-commerce platform. Through it, Xiaomi wants to offer users outside the Chinese mainland convenient and cost effective a way to buy ecosystem products that were previously only available in China through the YouPin platform.

In addition to associating a strong Xiaomi community, Xiaomi Crowdfunding.com also serves as test soil for key markets, allowing Xiaomi to learn more about local demand for different types of products.

More than Xiaomi Eco brands

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