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Bebird M10 Max: Most Versatile&Afforable Ear Rod

Bebird M10 Max: Most Versatile&Afforable Ear Rod

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Affordable | Versatile | High-Definition | Accurate | Magnetic | Silica Gel | Easy to Use | Compact

Earwax serves as a natural shield, safeguarding the delicate eardrum from potential harm like dust, hair, and tiny insects. However, excessive buildup can lead to discomfort, dizziness, or even impaired hearing. Amateur cleaning attempts might exacerbate the issue, risking further pain or lasting damage to your sensitive ear canal and eardrum

The conventional cotton swab, a popular choice for ear cleaning, falls short due to the inability to visualize the ear canal. This often results in inadvertently pushing the wax deeper, potentially causing blockages or significant hearing impairment.

Enter Bebird, the Smart Visual Otoscope — a revolutionary solution equipped with cutting-edge technology and an HD visible camera. Bid farewell to the outdated cotton swab method! Our device features a soft silica gel ear spoon crafted meticulously to cater to your precise needs

As the forefront leader in the smart ear-clean market, Bebird boasts a global user base of over half a million individuals. Since 2018, we've consistently launched innovative products, reshaping the ear-cleaning landscape and delivering unparalleled experiences worldwide. 


Experience versatile ear cleaning with Bebird M10 Max, featuring a comprehensive set of 20 accessories offering over 100 ways to clean your ears. The kit includes three sizes of soft ear spoons, ensuring absolute comfort during cleaning while providing durable and easily replaceable accessories.

Our professional ear otoscope boasts 10 million pixels and a 3.5mm lens length, offering real-time, high-definition images of intricate details within your ear canal. This powerful endoscope enhances clarity and precision, effectively removing wax residue and ensuring a thorough, wax-free ear-cleaning experience.

Crafted from a blend of polycarbonate and high-grade silica gel materials, our ear spoons offer unmatched softness and safety for your ear canal, ensuring a gentle yet thorough clean.


The 360-degree angle recognition enables precise cleaning in all directions. Thanks to the 6-axis Smart Gyroscope's 2mm accurate measurement, the cleaning rod detects even the slightest movement, preventing excessive insertion and safeguarding the eardrum from harm.

Additionally, the Bebird Otoscope maintains a temperature akin to the human body, preventing damage or burns to the ear canal.

Charging is hassle-free—a mere 1.5-hour charge provides two months of usage. Simply place the ear cleaner rod onto the magnetic base for effortless charging.

This self-inspection kit offers reliability for home use, allowing comprehensive checks of your oral, nasal passages, ears, and even the entire body. A true multi-use Otoscope and Ear Cleaning Rod with numerous accessories, it revolutionizes ear cleaning for your entire family.

Designed for ease and comfort, it's ideal for children aged 3 and above. Children can observe the cleaning process, fostering acceptance of the routine.

Activation is simple—open the cleaning rod cover for automatic Wi-Fi pairing. Monitor Bebird's battery life via the user-friendly app, compatible with both Android and iOS systems and available in multiple languages.

Bebird is equipped with a lightning-fast WiFi chip, ensuring seamless transmission for the app's camera display, facilitating quick setup and automatic connection to your phone.

We've listened to valuable feedback from our previous generation users who noted that prolonged usage could lead to the camera becoming blurred due to dust or water infiltration. In response, we've significantly enhanced the camera's overall protection to withstand years of frequent usage. Rest assured, the updated design ensures sustained clarity and durability, even after extended periods of use."

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