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Fancy Pro - Ultra Webcam & Video Presenter in 1

Fancy Pro - Ultra Webcam & Video Presenter in 1

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12 Mega Pixels, 330 DPI, OCR, Adjustable, 4K Presentation, 60 FPS, Video presenter, Document camera

We are back with yet another scanner, this time, we bring you the CZUR Fancy Pro Visualizer, the most versatile webcam & scanner in one. Featuring 12 MEGAPIXELS & 330 DPI, it offers you the ultimate crystal-clear scanning quality. This time with the adjustable height and tillable camera head, you can use it to scan documentsmicro close-ups, have online meetings, live-stream, present notes and so on!  It is compatible with Windows & macOS.

This visualizer is like nothing you have ever seen before! It can be a webcam, a document camera, and a scanner! It still has all the awesome functions a scanner has, like OCR that turns pages into editable files, along with auto-alignmentsmart pagingauto mendingmulti-target scanning. You can scan an entire documents in just seconds.

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Over the years we have sold over 350,000 scanners to people in over 140 countries, there are tons of reviews of our previous scanners including ET16AuraShineAura Mate Pro, Lens & ET24 Pro!

CZUR Fancy Pro is the most versatile scanner yet, it is more than a scanner! In fact, with the adjustable height and tiltable camera head, you can use it as a scanner, a webcam and a visualizer. So it is perfect for scanning, having video meetings, presenting, and live streaming!

This is a video showcasing the different modes of CZUR Fancy Pro

Live Streaming is very popular nowadays especially when you are a Youtuber or a TikToker, but buying different selfie sticks and phone sticks is such a hassle. CZUR Fancy Pro gets it all done for you! With the adjustable axis and tiltable camera head, you can live stream with multiple angles with ease!

Another one of the more unique functions of CZUR Fancy Pro is that it also features an online presenting function, allowing you to show your notes or other scanned materials online with ease. So this is perfect for presenting when you are in a video meeting, or when you are presenting in a classroom online and offline!

Using a traditional scanner to scan books is exhausting. Existing machines’ bulky size and price also mean it’s not for everyone. That’s why we set out to create CZUR Fancy Pro. Thanks to its auto-focus and auto page-turning detecting, Fancy Pro is the fastest scanner on the market. It allows you to scan at an incredible less than one second per page. So you can easily scan an entire book in 10 minutes or so.

Along with other features including Smart PagingAuto-AlignmentStitching FunctionMulti-target ScanningRemove FingerprintsPurify Background, and more, CZUR Fancy Pro makes scanning a breeze!

With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality, CZUR Fancy Pro enables you to transfer scanned pages into editable files, which elevates scanning possibilities to a whole new level. With over 180 languages supported, this powerful scanner gets it all done! Start digitalizing all your files, documents and pictures.

Apart from books and documents, it can also scan a wide range of things, such as your IDpassportreceiptsstamps, even small objects. So this is your go-to scanner and document camera!

Another unique function that allows Fancy Pro to be top of the game is that you can change your camera view from horizontal to vertical. This function comes in extremely handy when you are sharing your makeup tutorials, cooking recipes, and so on!

How To Use CZUR Fancy Pro
Merge Two Sides images and Print Out

Auto-Alignment Feature Of CZUR Fancy Pro

Smart Paging Feature Of CZUR Fancy Pro

Adjust By Text Direction Feature Of CZUR Fancy Pro

Auto Mending Feature Of CZUR Fancy Pro

Multi-Target Scanning Feature Of CZUR Fancy Pro

Studio box for scanning books

How To Assemble & Use The Studio Box
New Foldable Mat for better scanning results

Portable Bag

Intuitive Assistive Cover makes scanning even easier, regardless what type of books you are using.

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Xiaomi has long been known for selling not only smartphones, but also, in some cases, bizarre gadgets and home accessories, such as Segway Gokart/Scooters.

Until now, all of these products have only been available to Chinese people through their own crowdfunding platform called Xiaomi YouPin. However, Xiaomi also brings these products beyond China through Xiaomi

A platform driven by innovation, bringing your favourite products to life

Innovations Beyond Borders is a completely new cross-border e-commerce platform. Through it, Xiaomi wants to offer users outside the Chinese mainland convenient and cost effective a way to buy ecosystem products that were previously only available in China through the YouPin platform.

In addition to associating a strong Xiaomi community, Xiaomi also serves as test soil for key markets, allowing Xiaomi to learn more about local demand for different types of products.

More than Xiaomi Eco brands

    Xiaomi currently invests and cooperates with more than 100 IoT and lifestyle companies. With more than 500 million connected devices (excluding smartphones and laptops), Xiaomi has the largest IoT platform in the world.

    As it is an official sales channel, the company guarantees all products local support (whether language or functional) as well as service.