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Heisr: World’s 1st 3-sided Mechanical Electric Toothbrush

Heisr: World’s 1st 3-sided Mechanical Electric Toothbrush

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Say goodbye to blind spots with HEISR, an efficient & effective fully wrap-around electric toothbrush.

HEISR automatically triple-thorough cleans your teeth by the bass method using mechanical-sonic vibrating technology.

1. The Alarming Trend of Infrequent and Ineffective Tooth-Brushing

2. The Silent Killer: Uncovering the Evil Plague in our Mouth

Plaque, a hidden but powerful force in your mouth, can cause numerous problems, such as:

3. Daily Struggle: Overcoming the Hate for Toothbrushing

We can all relate to how people struggle with brushing their teeth at least twice every day, sleep late on workdays after a long overwhelming day back home, and have almost no extra energy to grab a toothbrush, squeeze toothpaste, scrub, gargle, spit and rinse.

Don't beat yourself up! You just need a smarter tool to clean your teeth. Experience a whole new level of cleanliness with HEISR!

HEISR 3-sided wrap-around toothbrush is perfectly designed to make brushing easier, providing consistent deep cleaning and saving you time, money, and energy

3-sided fully wrap-around HEISR cleans the upper, outer and inner sides of teeth simultaneously!

Designed to follow the bass-method brushing, which is the American Dental Association’s (ADA) recommended technique for teeth cleaning.), the HEISR PBT bristles are angled at 30° against the gingival cuff so that every hard-to-reach spot can get sufficiently cleaned.

HEISR is born for anyone struggling to acquire the bass method!

1+1>2, the perfect blend of mechanical and sonic technology!

  • Personalized & thorough cleaning: 10 distinct movement patterns can be auto-adjusted to fit teeth of varied thicknesses.
  • Mechanical-Sonic powered: the mechanical action of the PBT bristles physically brushes against the teeth to clean, while the sonic vibrations create 27,000 strokes per minute that help to disrupt the most hard-to-reach plaque.
  • Adaptable cleaning experience: the bristles float up and down so the brush can closely conform to the contours of the teeth.

Upgrade to HEISR for a deep clean in every nook and cranny!

People usually don't realize they miss spots in everyday toothbrushing until the gum gets irritated or bleeding. It's very likely to miss the hidden gaps between teeth using the regular toothbrush. The effectiveness of inner tooth brushing is less than 20% on average.

The length and width of the HEISR bristles are precisely calculated to reach the inner space, the gingival sulcus, and the gums. All blind spots can be precisely covered.

Simplify your oral care routine: the busy person's go-to solution!

Brushing teeth with a traditional toothbrush requires concentration and attention to detail. The toothbrush should be held at the correct angle with light pressure, and the bristles should be soft to avoid damaging the gums. Instead of long strokes, the toothbrush should be gently wiggled with subtle vibrations.

But real life is so busy and overloaded, with work, with kids, and after a late night out with friends or after a long, long day, it can be very tempting to curl up in bed and skip your evening brushing. Not to mention being able to follow all the tedious steps in brushing every morning and night. HEISR perfectly solves this pain point.

Other Highlight Features

The PBT bristles are soft enough to prevent gum damage but strong enough to clean your teeth precisely. The top bristles are tapered for deeper cleaning the dental fossa's bottom. This combination of softness and strength allows for precise cleaning without compromising the health of your gums.

It's recommended to brush for 2 minutes minimum to thoroughly clean teeth properly, which means you brush one surface of each of your teeth for approximately 1.25 seconds (assuming you are spending the right amount of time on each tooth).

In just 1.25 seconds, HEISR's 3-sided wrap-around toothbrush gently brushes every tooth's visible facet (front, back and bottom) simultaneously, with equal optimal angle and pressure.

Expandable on all 3 sides, the brush head can adjust to fit teeth of varied thicknesses while rotating freely along the teeth; combined with the rotatable head, you can reach all the hard-to-reach spots like never before. The outer brush head is wrapped in soft purple rubber in case your teeth get bumped while brushing.

Never worry about your electric toothbrush running out of juice! It has a compact charging station that keeps it charged and ready for use whenever you need it. The battery can last an impressive 2 months on a single charge, providing reliable and consistent dental hygiene. Trust that your HEISR toothbrush will be ready to use whenever you need it!

Show your white plaque-free smile!

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