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KOKONI SOTA 3D Printer : 10X Faster 3D Printing with 7-Color

KOKONI SOTA 3D Printer : 10X Faster 3D Printing with 7-Color

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600mm/s Fast Speed|7-Color Printing|Inverted Design |21m/s² Acceleration|AI modeling |Accurate 0.1mm Detail |30dB Silent Printing


Discover the innovative KOKONI SOTA 3D printer, featuring a unique upside-down design for rapid, stable printing.* Enjoy 10 × faster 3D printing with up to 7 colors, and effortlessly create intricate models using the AI-powered KOKONI APP.

With advanced AI Radar Detection and error compensation, the KOKONI SOTA delivers flawless prints every time and exceeds expectations with its unparalleled precision, error less than 0.1mm. Immerse yourself into a universe of infinite imagination, where KOKONI SOTA effortlessly translates your creative visions into stunning works of art.

Unlike most traditional 3D printers on the market, the KOKONI SOTA comes with a revolutionary upside-down design by securely mounting most moving parts such as motors and rails to the bottom base of the printer. Lowering the center of gravity would help improve stability, SOTA's design achieves a close-to-zero vibration, and effectively increases the stability and printing speed. KOKONI SOTA guarantees easy-to-use and high-quality printing.

With SOTA’s unique design, the SOTA prints at a speed up to 600mm/s and acceleration of 21m/s² , which is 10 times faster than conventional consumer-level 3D printers. KOKONI SOTA solves the pain point of time-consuming printing with a self-developed, high-speed stepper motor. Most of your desired models can be printed within an hour.**

To bring more vivid printing, the SOTA offers 7-color synchronous printing up to 7 materials in one print, including PLA and PETG, during the printing process. SOTA unlocks your creativity and enhances your story telling with vivid colors.

KOKONI SOTA is designed to accommodate bi-color filaments, with the addition of a filament tower that supports five more colors. This results in a versatile printing experience that can handle up to 7 colors and materials.

KOKONI SOTA is also equipped with an optical radar that can read um-level depth information so it can read nozzle height, calibrate the flow and more possibilities.

KOKONI SOTA is equipped with a HD camera that can prevent errors in real-time by comparing the printed parts with the 3D model. It can also film time-lapse photography, which enables you to share the joy of 3D printing with your friends and the community.

Printing at high speed can often result in disruptive noise. Equipped with KOKONI’s self-developed intelligent motor control, the SOTA 3D printer can significantly reduce vibration and the noise level has been tested to be lower than 30dB*** in 1 meter, which is similar to the volume of quiet conversation. You can print even at night without worrying about the noise.

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KOKONI SOTA is equipped with a closed-loop motor for the X/Y axis to ensure the printing accuracy. The motor is equipped with the magnetic encoder to recognize real-time positions and will compare them with the desired position. If errors occur, motors will adjust the error in real-time. Furthermore, if there are external interference or vibrations, the motor will accurately drive the nozzle to its desired location.

With its user-friendly design, KOKONI allows you to start printing right after unboxing the machine. It is an assembly-free printer, and users don't need to do any manual leveling neither.

The typical KOKONI SOTA operates at 240 Watts, with 76% less power consumption compared to other printers on the market. Additionally, KOKONI SOTA comes with a carbon filter that effectively eliminates VOCs. Giving users a safer environment to print.

The KOKONI App, when paired with a wireless connection to the KOKONI SOTA, provides a seamless and efficient cloud printing experience, eliminating the need for traditional slicing software. This innovative one-click cloud printing solution is designed to cater users of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced 3D printing enthusiasts. Additionally, the KOKONI App is compatible with entry-level smartphones, ensuring accessibility for a wider range of users.

For those who prefer using conventional 3D model slicers, such as the Cura slicer, KOKONI SOTA offers full support and smart functionalities when the self-developed plugin is installed.

Our goal is to create a smart 3D printer as easy as possible for everyone to use. Thanks to its intelligent self-developed AI algorithms, you can simply turn a 2D image into a 3D model. You can take multiple pictures or upload a selfie to create a ready-to-print 3D model in seconds.**** Modeling and printing can be done in just a few clicks. The SOTA can easily capture and preserve every cherished moment for you.

The KOKONI App packed with a model gallery. Browse through the extensive in-house design models and fulfill your imagination, fueling your journey to uncover endless innovative creations. Feel free to access models designed by yourself through KOKONI's website and KOKONI App, print anytime and anywhere.

Feeling burnt out from slicing software? Upload your STL or OBJ model files to your account center on KOKONI's website, then just hit printing in the App. Our online cloud-based slicing software simplifies data processing and initiates the KOKONI SOTA printing process, making 3D printing an effortless and accessible experience.  Also, You can avoid the trouble of dealing with a network by connecting your computer to the printer using a USB cable and then printing directly.

Embrace the KOKONI SOTA's user-friendly design and impressive performance, allowing you to transform your ingenious ideas into tangible creations wherever you go. Enjoy a distinctive and exceptional printing experience that fuels your imagination and creativity. Choose KOKONI SOTA and set your artistic aspirations free!

Explore the exceptional features and unlock endless printing possibilities. Bringing your imagination to life.

To provide greater convenience and accessibility in shipping, we have made Free Shipping and Customs Fees Free available to backers residing in the following countries.  For backers residing outside of these countries and areas, a shipping fee of $30 USD will apply.

We will start shipping in August 2023. Once shipped, you can expect your package to arrive at your doorstep in around 2 months. If you need a quicker delivery, you can pay an additional $200 USD to upgrade your reward and use airfreight, which will shorten the delivery time to about 2 weeks.

KOKONI, a company that independently handles design and research and development, has successfully fulfilled over 20,000 international orders of 3D printers. Its manufacturing center is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, with three additional R&D centers in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Huzhou. KOKONI also manages its own marketing and after-sales service team, which includes both online and offline sales channels.

KOKONI offers three versions of SOTA:

KOKONI SOTA: Includes 2 colors (Black and white) of filaments.

KOKONI SOTA COMBO: Features KOKONI SOTA with a Filament Tower, supporting additional 5-color filaments for a total of 7 colors.

KOKONI Lite: A barebones SOTA without a cover, includes 2 colors (Black and white) of filaments.


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