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Nitetronic T3 Pro: Your Smart Massage Mattress Pad

Nitetronic T3 Pro: Your Smart Massage Mattress Pad

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Air Floating Stretch& Massage/Cloud Sleep Pad/Stress&Pain Relief /AI Sound/Gentle Wake-up/Compact


While this is far from not enough

Following a lengthy day at work with insufficient exercise, you might experience significant tension in your body, hindering your ability to rest well. Additionally, for those facing stress from work or study, providing daily relief for your mind is equally crucial. 

Being a prominent sleep tech brand dedicated to addressing sleep issues, our natural inclination is to offer solutions right in the bed. That's why we've identified the best way for you to incorporate your daily stretch routine in the very place where you spend one-third of your time.  

Packed with features like air-wave massage and customizable comfort for gentle, effective relief, it is perfect for seniors and those with sleep issues. Say goodbye to neck discomfort, embrace lumbar relaxation, and wave goodbye to restless legs for a peaceful sleep.

Experience the Zero-gravity design, making you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. Plus, enjoy the perks of a smart app and soothing white noise for your best sleep ever.

Nitetronic's engineers have dedicated 3 years to research and development, culminating in the creation of our patented Smart Air Floating Massage mattress—It gives you full body massage and stretch, reduces your stress level, and relaxes your body before sleep.

Utilizing advanced Smart Air Floating technology, our system delivers rhythmic air cushion movements that effectively promote body relaxation, aid post-exercise recovery, and facilitate quick sleep onset. A 30-minute stretch will help you sleep much better! 

Craving a good night's sleep? Research suggests a 15 to 30-minute massage before bed could be your answer, potentially reducing how long it takes to fall asleep by 36% and boosting deep sleep by a whopping 54%! 

Our mattress comprises three massage modes—sleep aid, waist comfort, and leg stretch—using wave-like inflation and deflation of airbags, achieving overall body massage and relaxation. Experience a stress-free sensation, as if you're sleeping on clouds!

Sleep now: Set massage mode durations via the app, enabling one-touch timing to facilitate quick sleep onset during gentle massages.

Gentle Wake-Up: Set a wake-up alarm on the Nitetronic Pad APP to gently ease you out of bed. When the designated time comes, the airbags inside the mattress will perform rhythmic massage movements starting from gentle to strong intensity, to wake you up with vitality. Wake up happily, and say goodbye to morning struggles.

Our survey revealed that older individuals experience the highest incidence of sleep-related issues. Consequently, we aim to provide a more user-friendly mattress management method. 

Additionally, with our enhanced app feature, you can experience the advantage of setting an alarm for waking up and receiving reminders for your massage routine.

  • We prioritize your overall user experience, ensuring that the air pump operates quietly, seamlessly guiding you into a restful sleep. 
  • The mattress pad is free of electric components, eliminating concerns about leakage.
  •  Placing it on your bed effortlessly integrates it into your sleep routine, allowing you to relish a daily stretch and enhanced comfort.

With our smart App, you can easily set the perfect massage model for you and schedule a reminder or alarm to avoid oversleeping.

Our app, Nitetronic Pad, also supports AI-generated sleep-assistant music, offering you a unique sound every day to help you fall asleep. 

Expect more feature upgrades soon. 

The even pressure absorption capability of CosyPUR material ensures that your body experiences greater relaxation when lying on it. 

Pressure distribution comparison to traditional ones


Studies showed its amazing effect on seniors' sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is a crucial foundation for good health at any age, but it's especially important for midlife and beyond. Now that you've conquered your sleep issues what else can you expect from our smart mattress pad?

Embracing a new healthy routine& Reaching your full potential

Practice relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, or deep breathing. Our mattress topper can be used as a yoga mat and give a massage after exercise.

In our research, a substantial number of individuals were identified as experiencing back pain and related conditions. Our mattress is designed to provide daily stretching, effectively mitigating body tension and contributing to the alleviation of these issues.







More reviews coming soon. 

Nitetronic was established in Hamburg, Germany, with a steadfast commitment to sleep technology, and is the inventor of intelligent anti-snoring pillows. As an international company headquartered in Texas, we have established service centers in Brea, California, and a research and production center in Shanghai, focusing on the innovation and development of sleep-related products.

In 2022, Nitetronic brings the latest and third-generation smart pillow, which reached new heights in comfort, technology, material, and smart app that more accurately monitors snoring sounds and head position on the pillow.

Last year, we issued a more affordable air and water pillow to help the backer sleep. This revolutionary design perfectly meets all three goals: maximum support, cooling sleep, and adjustability.

Many reporters and KOLs had the opportunity to test our T3 Pro during CES, with many expressing surprise at its innovative experience and compact design.


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