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P1 Max: World's First Auto-Recharge Pool Cleaner

P1 Max: World's First Auto-Recharge Pool Cleaner

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+40% Faster Ultrasonic Mapping|+50% Power Floating Battery|+80% Cleaner Triple Brush| Any Pool Types




Featuring an advanced 9800mAh battery, the P1 MAX pool cleaning robot provides consistent power to efficiently clean an impressive 1937 square feet in just 90 minutes per charge. Experience unparalleled pool maintenance that is both reliable and effective.


When the battery runs low, the P1 Max automatically returns to its charging station, ensuring a hassle-free recharging process that liberates your hands. With this intelligent device, you can enjoy the convenience of hands-free pool maintenance.

The P1 MAX will use its advanced programming and sonar technology to return to the charging station. Press a single start button and let the P1 MAX truly free your hands and make pool maintenance a breeze.

The charging station doesn't output any voltage when it's not in use, and when it's charging, it uses a low voltage of 24 volts, which is completely safe for people.

Equipped with three powerful brushes, the P1 MAX effectively eliminates stains and stubborn debris from the pool's bottom and walls. Thanks to its superior cleaning capabilities, you can experience a spotless pool environment.

The P1 MAX features two PVC roller brushes that efficiently collect larger debris, such as dust and leaves. Meanwhile, the high-density brush in the center involves deep cleaning and tackling grooves and stubborn, sticky objects. Experience thorough pool maintenance with this innovative system.


Experience a cleaner pool with the P1 MAX's enhanced suction capabilities. Equipped with a robust 120W motor, it delivers powerful suction at any angle, effectively removing even the most stubborn leaves and gravel. Say goodbye to unwanted debris and enjoy a pristine pool environment.

Most pool cleaning robots on the market have a water filtration rate below 200 LPM, struggling to intake certain debris. The P1 MAX boasts a superior filtration rate of 280 LPM, capable of suctioning glass beads as large as 16mm. Additionally, it efficiently filters 15 cubic meters of pool water per hour. Experience exceptional pool cleaning performance with the P1 MAX.


Maintaining a pristine swimming pool is crucial, and cleaning the waterline can be particularly challenging. The P1 MAX is specifically designed to reach and effectively remove dirt or debris buildup along the waterline, ensuring your pool stays consistently clean and inviting.

Floor Cleaning

Wall Cleaning

Waterline Cleaning


Featuring two 250-micron high-density filter baskets, the P1 MAX pool cleaning robot effectively captures particles, leaves, small stones, and other debris in the water, ensuring the restoration of crystal-clear water quality.

Experience hassle-free cleaning with two large 3-liter capacity filter baskets. Simply remove and rinse with water for quick and easy maintenance. Enjoy a cleaner pool with minimal effort.


The P1 MAX employs an intelligent "S" shaped cleaning pattern, ensuring comprehensive coverage and meticulously planned navigation to reach every corner of your pool.


The P1 MAX utilizes advanced sonar technology for precise positioning and navigation, continually monitoring its location and cleaning progress.

With an automatic calibration every five minutes, the P1 MAX ensures a straight path in rectangular pools and improved coverage in uniquely shaped pools.


The P1 MAX is designed to cater to various pool types, accommodating different materials, sizes, and shapes. Its versatile performance ensures efficient and effective cleaning for pools made of concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and tile, as well as pools ranging from small to large dimensions.


With the user-friendly app, you can effortlessly monitor the cleaning progress and current status of your P1 MAX from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're on vacation or a business trip, gain peace of mind knowing that your swimming pool is in good hands with the P1 MAX, keeping it clean and inviting.

The versatile app offers a range of convenient features, including manual control, real-time progress display, scheduling cleaning sessions, and consumable lifespan reminders. Experience seamless pool maintenance with this all-in-one solution.



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