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RFID Pet Feeder: Personalize diet for each pet!

RFID Pet Feeder: Personalize diet for each pet!

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Cutting-Edge RFID Chip Recognition Algorithm

Our patented algorithm uses RFID chips to identify different cats. As the authorized pet approaches, the lid will open automatically for cat to enjoy its meal.

One Cat One Bowl

Right Cat Right Bowl

Provide individualized feeding for every cat with their exclusive feeder, complete with personalized and nourishing meals. No chance for other pets to snatch a nibble.

Dual Food Compartments in a Single Bowl

Easy to switch between two varieties for a balanced and tailored meal. Whether it's dry food, wet food, or specialized blends, our bowl accommodates all.

Delight in Fresh Meals Every Time

Maintain food freshness and cleanliness with the automatic rotating closure.

Every Detail Matters

Wireless Design

Place it freely as you wish.

Long Battery Life

180 days use without charging.

400ml Capacity

Equals to 200g dry food. Completely satisfy the energy for one day.

Rotating Bowl Lid

sealing against insects.

ABS Food Grade Material.

Durable, non-toxic, lightweight, and safe.

Super Quiet

Lid opening noise is under 40 dB.

Easy to Dismantle

Super easy to clean.

Easy to Replenish

Add food directly to the container by double clicking the machine.

What's in the Package

RFID Feeder - Standard

RFID Feeder x 1

Collar x 2

RFID Collar Tag x 2

User Manual

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