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RingConn Smart Ring: Smartest Wearable for You

RingConn Smart Ring: Smartest Wearable for You

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Sleep Quality | Stress Index | Heart Health | Skin Temperature | Body Movements | IP68 Waterproof

Say hello to RingConn – the smart health tracking ring so comfortable you’ll forget it’s there. With an ultralight titanium design that fits snugly to any finger, RingConn delivers accurate data on sleep tracking, blood oxygen levels and heart rate for a crystal clear picture of your overall health.  

Hefty smartwatches are uncomfortable to wear. They dig into your wrists and need constant recharging. All that adds up to a noncontinuous stream of health data.

Most health trackers use PPG sensors (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy) to track your vitals. But because RingConn sits on your finger instead of your wrist, you get a signal that’s closer to the truth.

That’s because the skin on your fingers is thinner and has more blood vessels than your wrist, with fewer hairs and less interruption from your muscles. RingConn also fits more snugly than a smartwatch, giving you closer contact and less chance of mixed signals when you’re moving. All that gives RingConn a clearer read on your vitals, and a more accurate look at your health.

Before we launch RingConn Smart Ring on Indiegogo, we have invited thrilling YouTubers and customers to try our product. We also filmed a few demo videos. These reviews and experiences may help you know more about RingConn!


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The RingConn App

This video shows what you can get on the RingConn App. 


Let us do it for you. RingConn tracks every minute of your sleep and categorizes it — light sleep, deep sleep, REM — giving you a clear picture of your night’s rest. So you can turn in for the night without strapping yourself into yet another device.

There are few joys in life better than a perfect nap. But most health trackers can’t detect naps at all — giving you an incomplete snapshot of your health. That’s why we designed RingConn with power naps in mind. RingConn knows when you’re taking a quick nap and includes that in your health statistics and sleep reports.

That means you get a full picture of what’s going on while you sleep. So go ahead and put your head down, it’s good for you.

*RingConn classes anything longer than 15 minutes and shorter than 90 minutes as a nap.

Give your body the care it truly deserves. RingConn slips so snugly on your finger that most of the time you won’t even remember you’re wearing it. That’s thanks to its lightweight titanium build. And with 24/7 health tracking and a battery life measured in weeks, not days, RingConn just won’t quit — whether you’re hiking a dusty trail, or pushing through mountains of paperwork, or just catching some Z’s.

RingConn packs all your health concerns away inside one comfortable ring that’s accurate, responsive, and easy to wear. Its highly accurate PPG sensor offers continuous heart rate tracking. And it updates more frequently than other wearables – with new readings at least every 5 minutes to give you more accurate HRV (heart rate variability) readings to keep you on top of your health.

It’s your body, and your health — so track it your way. RingConn comes with two ways to track your data. 24/7 Monitoring Mode will track your health data around the clock, with in-depth insights covering you from morning to night. Or if you want reports that focus on a specific time or event, use Manual Mode to zero in on stats from workouts, outings, and first dates. The choice is in your hands.

If your blood oxygen level is low, there might be a problem. Our oxygen saturation monitor has got your back. RingConn does this by shining an advanced PPG signal sensor through your finger. The rate and intensity of how that light is absorbed by tissues and blood in your finger. That means we can map the blood flow and calculate your blood oxygen levels to give you a clearer reading on your blood. Science!

When life gets busy, make sure there’s time for slowing down. RingConn monitors stress levels by checking your heart rate variability and heart rate to let you know when you’re getting too worked up and need to wind down. And all that data is there waiting in the app, helping you track which events you found stressful so you can avoid or deal with them better in the future. 

Make every step count — whether you’re hiking Kilimanjaro or just running for the bus. RingConn tracks it all: steps, distance, calories, standing time, and even breath rate. And if you’ve been on your sofa all day, it sends you a gentle sedentary reminder urging you to get up. So get after it!

Don’t be afraid to make a splash. RingConn is IP68 waterproofing. So you can take it diving, take it swimming, and take it anywhere. With a tight but comfortable design, RingConn keeps it safely on your finger, tracking data with every stroke.

Get out there and get active, while tracking what counts. Whatever your sport, RingConn can handle it. Its slip-proof, dust-proof design makes it ideal for any activity. The only limit is how far you want to push your body.

We designed RingConn to keep up with the most adventurous of souls. An ultra-low power circuit design keeps RingConn going for up to 7-days, no matter how active you are. And if that’s not enough, it comes with a portable charging case — a world’s first for health tracking rings. The charging case has a 500mAh battery capacity that can fully charge the RingConn 18 times — so you can go three months without access to electricity.

If you’re going to wear a health tracker 24/7, then you want to be sure it’s cozy. Despite being crafted out of one the hardest materials known to man — titanium — RingConn was designed with comfort top of mind. So you can slip it on and forget it’s even there.

Get the office talking for all the right reasons. RingConn’s timeless design leaves a subtle but lasting impression wherever you wear it. Available in three stylish variants — Pale Gold, Moonlit Silver and Midnight Black — you get a smart ring so chic they’ll be asking where they can get their own.

You can choose the right color you like for your RingConn Smart Ring when you select the perk. Please notice that the charging case we offer has only one color available.

Unlike some competitors who lock you into a monthly subscription to use your own health tracker, RingConn is yours for life. No ifs, no buts, and no monthly fees. Buy it once and get lifetime access to data visualizations on your phone.

You can download the App named RingConn via Google Play or the link below.


*RingConn is compatible with devices running IOS 12.0 and Android 8.0 and above.

The right ring size equals more accurate tracking and better comfort. That's why we offer RingConn in nine different sizes (ring sizes 6-14).

Plus, you get a free ring sizing kit with your order, which guarantees the perfect fit. We will ship the sizing kit to you before we ship the ring, so you don't have to choose a size but only choose a color when purchasing. 

Here are some papers written by Prof Wang. Search for them to read if you are interested in them.

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