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Uah Pet Fluffy-1 High-Velocity Dog Hair Dryer

Uah Pet Fluffy-1 High-Velocity Dog Hair Dryer

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This compact Fluffy-1 Dog Hair Dryer helps you dry your pet more efficiently, whether at home or during travel. Featuring a high-velocity that motor runs up to 106,000 rpm, and an innovative straight air duct to reduce noise (40-70dB) to help you dry your pet with less noise faster, stress-free drying. Together with a smart temperature control to provide just the right amount of heat to protect your pet's sensitive skin.

Small body. Big drying power.

Weighs only 1.2 lbs and is a “throw-me-anywhere” size, perfect for accompanying you wherever you need to dry your pet. Get them fluffy again after a day of fun outside.


The high-velocity motor runs up to 106,000 rpm to generate airflow up to 50m/s to dry your pet's fur more quickly. Variable speeds let you begin slowly and increase the speed progressively to achieve faster drying.


The noise does not exceed 70 dB thanks to the thoughtful straight air duct design, making it 20% quieter than the typical dog dryer. Low-speed setting is quiet enough to help you gradually dry your timid or apprehensive pets.


With just the right amount of heat, Fluffy-1 dog hair dryer features an NTC intelligent temperature control to switch between hot and cold air every 3 seconds, maintaining a pet-friendly temperature of 38.9°C so the air expelled is warm but will not burn the skin.


At smart mode, the air switches between hot and cold air every 3 seconds. 3-airflow-speed and 2 temperature modes--cold and warm--give you the freedom to choose the best setting for your pet's comfort.


Powered by innovative technology, this dryer releases high-concentration negative ions when in use, which removes static electricity and leaves your furry friend's hair smoother, fluffier, and shinier.


01-Styling nozzle: flat, even airflow can spread the negative ions further into the fur for a smoother touch.

02-Wide-tooth comb nozzle: best for hairy, long-haired pets, airflow can better reach the root of the coat.

03-Concentrate nozzle: concentrate the airflow on a specific area to add fluffiness.

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